Wardrobe Essentials you need for spring 2021

After spending most of our time indoors for the past twelve months or so, we're sure glad that the world is going back to some type of normalcy again. 


And although it isn't clear yet when some of us will be back to the office (if ever) we're thinking about our wardrobe choices for the near future.


Transition weather has always been tricky when it comes to fashion, especially in these unusual times, we've been living through. 


While the weather is hard to predict at times, some wardrobe choices don't have to be. With a small investment in a few wardrobe essentials, you can take the guesswork out of the equation, and enjoy the season without spending hours trying to pick an outfit.


So what are the wardrobe essentials for 2021? 


Here is a list of items you can start to invest in that will make your life a lot easier:


1. A Jean Jacket


Jean jackets made a huge comeback lately. And I'm here for it. They're perfect for transition weather and go well with pretty much anything. They are also a great item for a capsule wardrobe.


2. A Maxi Dress


Maxi dresses are lightweight, flowy, feminine, and perfect for spring weather. You can wear them mostly to casual events, and they go well with most shoes. 


3. Flat Shoes/Sandals


Since the whole pandemic started, casual styles took center stage in our wardrobe choices and nothing says casual more than flats.

Whether is a sandal, flip flops, or ballerina shoes, flats are just perfect for a casual spring wardrobe.


4. Blazer Jacket


For those cooler days of spring, blazers will not only keep you warm but also in style. Turn up the heat and choose a bright color to match the season


5. Rain Boots


For those who live in humid weather, you know you can count on those rainy days (or weeks) when you least expect it. They don't call it "mud season" for no reason. And although we love that rain once in a while, we don't want to get caught in it unprepared because... well it can get messy. 

Don't forget to invest in a good pair of rain boots to keep your feet dry and warm.


6. Sunglasses


Sunglasses are a staple of spring/summer weather. We might forget this but the main reason we wear them is not just to look stylish but to protect our eyes from harmful UV rays. 

Don't forget to pick a frame that matches the shape of your face which is unique to you.


7. Cropped Jeans


Jeans in general are a staple of any casual wardrobe and cropped jeans are just the perfect style for spring weather. Throw in a t-shirt and some flats and you're good to go.


8. Layering Tees 


Layering tees are essential for all seasons because they're such a versatile piece, but especially in transition weather. You can layer them under a trench coat, a sweater, a cardigan, or light jacket. 


9. Everyday Handbag


Every woman needs a basic bag to hit the shops around town or to run everyday errands. Choose a bag that matches your style and go for neutral colors so you can get more use out of it. 


As far as styles go, slouchy, hobo, and satchels are trending right now and very good options.


10. Off White Sneakers


Off-white sneakers are the kind of comfortable shoes you need to compliment your casual outfit, without running the risk of being too sporty. They have the blank slate quality that won't compete with other colors or patterns. 


Hope you enjoyed these tips and don't forget to stay in touch! 


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