These shoes will be the new trend of the summer

Every aspect of our lives has changed since the past year and a half. From our habits, to our lifestyle, to they way we dress.

In the fashion department, there was a move towards more casual and comfortable and we certainly noticed that with our footwear.

With summer quickly approaching, this casual trend will continue, so we can say with certainty that high heels are definitely out. They've been replaced by the more modest flats. But one flat shoe in particular, we predict is going to be the new must-have of the season. Mainly for its eye-catching design, that is unlike anything else we've seen so far: the rope sandals.

The rope sandals are a unique type of shoes for obvious reasons. First, they are made with ropes, which in itself is already different. Also, they're responsibly made, which diminishes our footprint in the environment.

It may take some getting used to them, but we believe these shoes are perfect for summer. Especially if you're going to be spending time at the beach. Not only they're super comfortable but they command attention for the unique quality of their design.

There are a few variations of these shoes as far as styles go. You may find find them in slides, thongs, platforms, or the famous gladiator style (lace up).

Whichever one you choose, be ready for all the compliments that will come your way.

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