6 reasons why you should wear bike shorts this summer

Bike shorts -- or biker shorts as they're also known -- are nothing new in the fashion scene. In fact, they've been around for quite some time.

Originally constructed to endure long cycling hours, these shorts have been recycled a few times throughout the decades. They finally became mainstream in the 80s -- thanks to princess Diana -- who was constantly photographed in them.

But despite their popularity, it was only in recent years that they've earned their spot as a staple in our wardrobe.This piece of athleisure fits perfectly with the casual lifestyle we all adopted as of late.

Bike shorts come in a variety of shapes and materials, and can be styled in several ways -- making them extremely versatile.

But if you haven’t come around the idea yet, here are a few extra reasons why you should get one:


 1. They are extremely comfortable

As you could imagine, biker shorts are very comfortable. This is because they're made of a mix of several materials, usually a combination of spandex and a blend of other materials like cotton, polyester, and elastane that allows your body to have a range of motions.

Whether working out, lounging, or running around town, biker shorts will make you feel extremely comfortable.


 2. A perfect alternative to leggings in the summer

Leggings are form-fitting and we love them for it. And so are biker shorts.That's why for those days when temperatures get extremely hot, you'll want to reach out for one of those instead of your trusted leggings. Your body will thank you.


 3. They can be styled casually

The beautiful thing about biker shorts is that they're so versatile. You can style them for a casual look by simply putting on a t-shirt, an oversized sweater, or a jean jacket. You can also style them with a top in the same color for an all-monochromatic look.


 4. They can be styled for a sporty look

Another way you can style them, is simply throwing on some sneakers (preferably in off-white color) a jacket or sweater and some high socks, or a crew neck t-shirt for an easy sporty look.


 5. They can be dressed-up

The same way you can style them casually, you can also dress them up. For a more put together look, you can combine them with blazers, structured jackets, blouses with lace-up boots, or elevated heels.


 6. They’re great for working out

This last one seems like the obvious one. But that's why they were invented in the first place. You can go for styles that give extra hold and extra padding for maximum comfort in your workout. Especially for those tough cycling classes at the gym.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and don't forget to stay in touch! 


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