5 types of leggings you should NOT wear outside the gym

Leggings have quickly become a staple piece in every woman’s closet. Some of the major brands like Lululemon and Spanx even have a cult following with a very loyal fan base.


What was once frowned upon is now widely accepted. The choices are seemingly endless but it’s important to remember that not all leggings are created equal.  


Because they are such a versatile piece, it gives the impression that they can be worn anywhere and with anything -- which is not entirely true.   


Yes, some leggings can be worn instead of jeans and can be styled as such. You can dress them up or down. But what many people fail to notice is that depending on their body type and the style they’re going for, you run the risk of crossing the very fine line between “fashionable” and “tacky”.


But not everybody is talking about this. Because it's usually easier to tell people what to do than what NOT to do.

So, to avoid these very common mistakes, let’s see what type of leggings you shouldn't wear outside of the gym:


1. See-through Leggings


This might seem an obvious one, but any type of material that allows people to see the color of your underwear should not be worn anywhere outside your house. And even if you decide to cover it up with a big coat or sweater, it will only be a temporary solution. There’s no way anyone can pull this off and look fashionable. So it’s best to avoid it altogether.


2. Leggings with pockets


Sure, leggings with pockets are practical and those pockets sure come in handy when you’re working out. But unless you’re at the gym, or at the yoga studio, they don’t really go with anything else. Plus, depending on your body type, the pockets might create bulges in places you don’t want, so best to avoid them.  


3. High gloss Leggings


Shiny leggings have a certain appeal, but unless you have a very specific body type, you might not be able to pull it off. All that shine will do is highlight problematic areas, by creating folds and creases in places you don't want. Stay clear of high gloss.


4. Silver and Gold tone Leggings


The 80s have called, and they want their leggings back. Sure, they're a fun, and although they may seem like a good idea at first, all they will do is accentuate problematic areas that you don’t want to highlight. Like the previous one on this list, only a very specific group of women can pull this off. If you have a curvier figure, I suggest staying away from these.


5. Fishnet Leggings


Nothing wrong with wearing them at the gym, or a yoga studio. In fact, fishnet leggings are perfect for working out, especially for hot yoga classes, because they’re so breathable. But outside those instances, it’s almost impossible to style them and look fashionable.It's best to stay clear of wearing fishnet leggings outside the gym.


Hope you enjoyed these tips. Keep checking in for more!