15 types of handbags every woman needs – The ultimate handbag guide

Handbags are arguably one of the most important items in a woman’s closet. Even if you’re not into fashion, you understand the importance of a good quality bag. Not only because of its utilitarian factor, but also because of the versatility it brings to your wardrobe. Like it or not, the type of bag you carry can say a lot about your personal style.

There are a lot of things to consider when searching for the right bag. Price of course is the main factor, but not a determining one, especially for someone who is willing to splurge.

When you choose to invest in a handbag, your lifestyle plays a major role in your decision. Are you an active person? Do you travel a lot? Do you take care of your bags or you just throw them around?  Are you a student or a professional?

As you can see, the quality and longevity of the bag are also important. Other things to consider are more personal choices but no less important such as shape, type of bag, color and design.

When you put all these things together, it can make the process a bit overwhelming.

This guide was created to make the process a little easier. Here we gather all different types of handbags for different lifestyles to help you choose the right one for you: 



Probably the most common type of bag, a tote is great for everyday use. It’s spacious, practical, and comes in different shapes, sizes, and materials. The tote is a versatile bag that can match different outfits no matter what you wear. 

Whether you’re a big-city dweller or a suburbanite, a student or professional. A tote is also a great bag for when you are traveling. 



Just like a tote a crossbody bag is great to have for everyday use. This bag has adjustable straps and can be carried across your body or over the shoulder, making it very practical. 

This type of bag can also double as an evening bag depending on the kind of material. A crossbody bag is more functional in the medium size range but depending on occasion and lifestyle, it can work in the mini and large sizes as well. 


Every type of bag comes in a smaller version of itself. Sometimes even in a miniature size which has been trending lately.

Mini bags don’t have a lot of space inside which can be a bit impractical for some, but they're great for quick outings when all you need is a few essentials.



Bucket bags are great practical bags with a unique design that focus on utility.They’re cylindrical in shape, which resembles a bucket -- thus where the name comes from.

Bucket bags have a drawstring closure and are very spacious inside. They can be great for everyday use but are also great travel bags.



A hobo bag is a slouchy bag made of soft materials and with a small strap to be carried over the shoulder. They usually have a crescent shape but sometimes can be a little more structured. Hobo bags are typical of bohemian chic style where femininity meets simplicity.  



A messenger bag, sometimes called “laptop bag” got its name from its original purpose of carrying mailed letters. Nowadays is not just exclusive to messengers and it's been used even as a fashion statement. 

They’re usually rectangular shaped with an adjustable strap and can be worn over the shoulder. If you have to carry a laptop with you all the time, this bag is a must-have.


A satchel bag is very similar to a messenger bag, although a bit smaller in comparison and squarer in shape. A satchel also has a strap that you can use to carry the bag across your body diagonally for ultimate comfort. 



The clutch also known as an “evening bag” is an essential bag to have, especially if you have a very active social life and attend a lot of parties and events. This bag is small, usually in the shape of an envelope, and meant more as an accessory than an actual bag. You can use it to carry a few small objects, such as cards, cash, and a few products for touch-ups.  

A clutch is a great complement to an evening dress.



When you think of backpacks you usually think of school or camping trips. It’s practical and made to be simple. You carry it on your back, so your hands are free. It’s a great bag to carry heavy items. Backpacks also come in different shapes and sizes. 



A duffel bag also known as a “weekender” bag is usually oblong in shape with top closure and drawstrings. Originally created for the military it became mainstream for its versatility and practicality. It’s very spacious and ideal for quick trips and weekend getaways. 



Saddlebags typically have flat tops and curved bottoms with a strap that you can use to carry over the shoulders or across the body. Saddlebags are effortlessly chic and can be a great addition to your arsenal of bags. 



Every woman needs a gym bag to carry all her essentials for before and after the workout. These bags are of lightweight construction, and many are made of water-resistant materials, which can come in handy. Don’t be afraid to show off your fashion sense even at the gym. 



Also known as a “fanny pack”, this type of bag was very popular back in the 90s. As the name suggests, this bag was meant to be carried around your waist, so your hands are free when you’re out and about. The modern version of it comes in different sizes and can also be carried over the shoulder like a regular bag.



For the mommas and moms-to-be, this type of bag is an essential item. It’s made of soft material and has different interior compartments, making it very functional. The bag is great for carrying everything your baby needs.  


A beach bag is a must-have bag for the summer. It can be made of different materials such as straw and canvas. It can be carried like a tote or over the shoulder.

The main reason why we need an specific bag for the beach is to carry the essentials such as towels, snacks, sunglasses, and water bottles that you otherwise, wouldn't use your main handbag for.

Beach bags are more playful than regular bags and have interesting textures, patterns, and more bright colors.  


We hope you find this guide helpful. You can even save it or bookmark it for the next time you’re in the market for a bag.